The word „Furo" means „stormy wind and waves beating" and has in conjunction with the martial arts a symbolic meaning.

On the Japanese island of Kagoshima, there is a 800 years old small shrine, which is called "Furo-Gu“, this is dedicated to the power of the wind and the waves. Wind and waves stands on the one hand for unstoppable force and energy, capable of withstanding anything in the long run and secondly, they are the dynamic form of life-giving air and water. This union of two entirely different forces are found also in the human psyche. Violence and kindness, anger and love. Just like the water and the air, and the man has both destructive and creating potential. Appropriate use of the possibilities of the human mind, the psyche and the body, such as the air and the water, the wind and the waves is the message of the Furo: the creation of a healthy, smart and powerful individual for the common good.
Furo is a challenge in which the measure of success is not only the victory over the opponent, but above all the overcoming of their own limits. It is the courage to discover his own potential and awaken, based on a comprehensive, thoughtful training program. Getting to know new techniques is a way to believe in yourself and gain control over your life.An external expression of self-realization is the grading system and participation in examinations. Putting on a white belt is a sign of readiness to start learning and means trusting to the trainer/teacher and acceptance of its authority. It means that the adept wants to learn new techniques and correct errors in the planned long-term process.

Consistent pursuit of mastery in martial arts has a great impact on all other areas of life.It makes us more solid in our efforts and teaches us a methodical approach to solving life tasks.

The result is a more orderly lifestyle, higher productivity and also satisfaction and joy resulting from self-realization.



Furo's path to self-fulfillment is a challenge in which the measure of success is not only victory over the opponent, but above all, overcoming one's own limitations. It is a courage to discover and awaken one's own potential on the basis of a comprehensive, well thought-out training program.

Getting to know new techniques, gradual mastering of combat skills is a way to believe in oneself and take control over one's life. Consistent pursuit of mastery in martial arts, has a clear impact on all other areas of life. It makes us more constant in our aspirations, teaches us consistency in action and a methodical approach to solving life's tasks. The result is a more structured lifestyle, higher efficiency in action, as well as satisfaction and joy resulting from self-fulfillment.

An external expression of this self-fulfillment is the grading system and participation in exams. Establishing a white belt is a sign of readiness to learn, work on oneself, as well as submission to the trainer/teacher and acceptance of his/her authority. This means that the student wants to learn new techniques and correct mistakes in the planned long-term process.
Sporting rivalries, despite the fact that it carries some risks, is a great way to popularize the lofty ideas of Furo.It gives the fighters the opportunity to test their skills, it gives great motivation for training and working on yourself and speeds up the process of emotional maturation of the practitioner. Experience shows that competition rules have a huge impact on the way of training and indirectly also on the technical repertoire of a martial art. In competition prohibited techniques are practiced only sporadically and the training method of course adapts to the competition rules.Too narrow specialization and the adaptation of the fighters to sports rules caused a degeneration of the fight.

Furo fighting rules were created in order to maximize the closeness of the sport fight to the conditions of real combat while ensuring high security.


Black belt exam

The Polish Furo Organization has received 4 new shodans. The exam took place during the summer camp.
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Reasons for founding of Furo

The reason for founding IFO was the need to create an organizational platform for Furo, a new martial arts trend that combines the versatility and pragmatism of MMA with the achievements of traditional martial arts, their values and their wealth. Furo puts the highest possible effectiveness of martial arts on the one hand and cultivation of Budo values on the other.

Furo offer

We propose an effective, integrated and transparent training concept, very good competition rules, participation in the examination program and, above all, a unique methodology, thanks to which even the most insecure beginners have a real chance to reach the level of the championship and competitive athletes can fully develop their potential.


The IFO training program covers all aspects of all round fighting: punches, kicks, head butts and elbowstrikes, clinch fighting, throws, ground fighting techniques and special introductory exercises shaping desired movement habits and motoric characteristics.

In Furo, we find techniques typical for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, judo, wrestling, bjj and karate. This variety of techniques is subject to a transparent general concept and creates a complementary, homogeneous integrity. Relaxation, breathing and energy exercises complete the Furo combat training. Their goal is above all to accelerate recovery and increase the mental stability of the fighters.

At the level of the brown belt, our program also introduces techniques forbidden in sports competition. This is an expression of the general concept of Furo: from fighting sport to martial art. Thanks to the Furo training program it is possible to conduct technically varied, methodically oriented training in groups with different profiles: stand-up or all round. Moreover, the same material shifting some accents allows training at competition, fitness, self devense or health level.

The Furo program is a methodically structured technical material that allows you to build the complete training with: warm-up, introductory exercises, basic techniques, exercises to coordinate the strikes with the footwork, pad work combinations, combinations of evasions blocks and counterstrikes, combinations of strikes with trows and groundwork techniques, training methods on a heavy bag and other equipment, and a form of task-based sparring. Exercises, techniques, combinations and tasks are assigned to concrete stages and, strictly in harmony with the grading syllabus, create a complete, transparent training system both for the competitors and for the hobby athletes.
IFO organizes seminars, competitions, coaching and referee courses as well as exams for student and master's degrees. Promotion of sport, healthy lifestyle and prosocial behavior based on the civic potential of the individual and the traditional values of Christian ethics and morality is our programmatic goals.

and activities

with us

Entering the IFO structures you get the opportunity to co-create a completely new direction in martial arts/sports. We offer you a truly all-round style, allowing you to study all aspects of combat (strikes, throws, techniques on the ground work) without the disorder and confusion that arises when you train several disciplines in parallel.

Our competition rules allow almost real combat, with maximum safety. The Furo sports competition is always accompanied by a great enthusiasm of the public. Our competitors have the opportunity to test their skills and find a way to know the real Budo (without all the ridiculous restrictions that often cause whistles and laughter on the spectators).

Participation in the Furo competition is a great and probably the best preparation for professional free fights.

Furo, however, is not a typical MMA style focused exclusively on sports competition. Our program covers all age groups and meets practically all expectations (except flying:) related to Far East and European martial arts.

Furo is

spectacular sports discipline
trainings for children, adolescents and adults
realistic self-defence for people of all ages
the way to health and fitness
a carrier of values such as courage, determination, loyalty and sense of responsibility
contact with the history and culture of Japan and the rich traditions of Budo

What does Furo mean for coaches?

a guarantee of the gym/dojo development based on long-term trends
competitiveness in relation to other systems and organizations
financial independence
leading classes based on an effective and transparent system of training
contact with the latest training methods
methodological support from the organisation
Unlike many others, we do not forget about what is beautiful and valued in the traditions of the Japanese Budo. Efficiency in sports fight and self-defence is just as important to us as the harmonious development of the mental sphere and methods of maintaining psycho-physical fitness and health until old age.

An important element of our work is to help instructors in their personal development. At IFO you can also count on real help in mastering new techniques and in assimilating other training methodologies. Over the last few years we have developed methods of teaching strokes, defense, throws and ground work. Every serious trainer who faced this problem knows how much time can be lost (and at the same time how many practitioners can be lost) by changing the methodology of the training in the dark.


Kame House

City: Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland
Coach: Szymon Dutkiewicz
Phone number: 790 850 601

FURO Warszawa & Self Defense Club

City: Warszawa, Poland
Coach: Michał Barański
Phone number: 665 323 204

Furo Red Tiger

City: Leszno, Poland
Coach: Krzysztof Jarząbek
Phone number: 507 120 540

TASW Budokan

City: Tarnowskie Góry, Poland
Coach: Paweł Ogórek
Phone number: 511 528 642

Fight Klub Zanshin

City: Łask, Poland
Coach: Adam Mieszkowski
Phone number: 603 276 258

Ironman Fight Club

City: Łódź, Poland
Coach: Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Phone number: 792 973 295


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